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We Got Industrial Coatings Automotive Coatings Body Fillers Spray Guns Polishes Masking Tapes

We sell a range of quality products, accessories, and equipment to cater for all the needs of the various sectors of the market, while we strive to keep our prices competitive.

Our Specialties

Automotive Coatings

Base Coat Paints


Latest Base/Pearl with Pearl impregnated Top Coat

Candy Effect Bases

2K Paints

HS 2K Clearcoats

2K Clear

1K Primers

2K Primers

NC Primers

2K Hardeners

Range of Thinners

Industrial Coatings

2K DTM (Direct to Metal) Products

Single Pack DTM Products

QD Enamels

Epoxy Coatings

Range of Industrial Thinners

Oxide Primers (Red/Grey/Black)

Etch Primers


Devilbiss Spray Guns

Bulldog Spray Guns

Stone chip/sandblast Guns

Air Sanders/Palm Sanders

Sanding Blocks

Speed files

Polishing Woollen Mops

Backup pads/discs

Range of Polishes

Polishing Sponges (g-mops)


Panel Beating Tools

Spray Gun Cleaning kits


Water papers

Velcro Discs

Abranet Strips (Long & Short)

Production Papers

Body Fillers

Microfine Fillers

Paintable Sealers

Windscreen/Panel adhesion silicon

Masking tapes

Masking Plastic rolls

Double sided tapes

Mixing cups & Rulers


All grinding/cutting/flap discs

Our Brands

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